Landlord Certificates, as a property owner of a property, you are legally bound to ensure that the premises of your property is a safe living space for those who live there. To show that you’re adhering to standards of safety and health, you’ll need to provide these certificates prior to letting the tenancy start. Provide your tenants with the most comfortable living conditions with this comprehensive guide, Landlord Certificates.

Certificate of gas safety:

It is a requirement by law that all landlords must have regular gas checks and it includes. Inspection of appliances, pipes, and vents that must be completed by an accredited Gas Safe engineer. Therefore, your tenants are protected from risky gas leaks. It is recommended to keep an duplicate copy of your safety certificate. You should offer copies to your tenant/s in order to ensure that they are not liable for an unlimited fine or a six-month sentence imprisonment.

Certification of safety in electrical installations:

Electricity hazards can cause serious injuries, and can also cause irreparable damage and destruction to the home. This is why you must obtain an Electrical Safety Certificate is required to prove that the area where you live is safe. The wires that are exposed to malfunctioning appliances, a myriad of causes can cause electric shocks as well as an arc flash which can be fatal. Therefore each electrical appliance within the premises should be inspected every year a safety check to ensure safe use.

Energy Performance Certificate:

Each tenant prefers to not be in their home and fight against freezing temperatures, feeling the negative effects of a house that is humid. To stop this happening was created, an Energy Performance Certificate was created. The buildings are assessed using an assessment scale ranging from (very effective in energy use) and up to (inefficient) It will show how costly heating and lighting will be, as the high level of CO2 emissions they will be expected to emit. The EPC is valid for 10 years from date it was issued.

In April of 2018, the required EPC “pass” rating was raised by one grade, moving from E to G, which renders the properties below rentable according to laws. However the government also has suggested the requirement for EPC C by 2025. so if you’re given the chance to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible, you should do it now.


Being another vital piece of documentation, landlords are legally obligated to place a tenant’s security deposit into a government-recognized tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) if a payment has been made directly. Tenants should be given the contact information for the TDP as well as additional details about how their deposit will be kept and how they will get the deposit back, and being informed of conditions that could result in the landlord claiming on the deposit, Landlord Certificates.

Legionella assessment:

Landlords are also conscious of the risky legionella bacteria, which may be present inside air conditioning units. So, it is legal to ensure that a risk analysis has been completed in line to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) with the assistance of an accredited professional. All hazards identified must be addressed promptly in order to protect your tenant is in.

Fire safety:

The security of a property from fire hazards is an essential aspect of the property being deemed safe for rental. It is crucial that the doors for fires are open in the event of a fire as well as that there are routes to avoid fire within your structure and the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed on each flooring. Additionally, furniture in the structure must be safe as evidenced by tests – and fire extinguishers must be available to tenants.

If you’re interested in improving the security of your home, contact any of our agents today. We are experts in fire protection. We will make sure you’re supplied with the correct products for protection against fire, including an insulated fire shutter and steel hinged fire doors that ensure that your tenants are pleased.