Gurugram has expanded dramatically in a very short period of time. How can the education sector lag behind when so many other sectors are seeing rapid growth? After all, it is the one industry upon which all others are based.

One of the greatest schools in the nation is located in Gurugram. Gurugram’s schools are world-class educational institutions with the best instruction available and a focus on the full development of students. The schools provide a range of curricula, including State Board, CBSE, IB, IGCSE, and IGCSE.

Most of the top schools in Gurugram offer amenities including large classrooms, well-designed sports facilities, and meals. Not only that, but these top schools also have the right teacher-student ratio, ensuring that each child receives the attention they need.

The Top CBSE schools in Sushant Lok Phase 3 are Listed Below

The list of top CBSE schools in Sushant Lok Phase 3 along with their fee schedules is provided below to assist you in making an educated decision for your kids:

1. The Paras World School

The Paras World School
  • Sector 50, Gurugram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Pre-Nursery – 12th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹14.2k (Pre-Nursery)
  • Official Website:

The Paras World School, Gurugram, one of the top institutions in Gurgaon, seeks to develop global learners through a top-notch education. They take a creative approach to education and firmly believe that young people are the nation’s future.

2. The Navyandhra School

The Navyandhra School
  • Sector 49, Gururgram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Pre-nursery – 12th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹11.2k (Pre-Nursery)
  • Official Website:

The Navyandhra School is one of the top CBSE schools in Gurugram because to its comprehensive and healthy curriculum that incorporates 21st-century skills. Each child receives individualized attention in their academics, sports, and extracurricular activities as well as a special “After School Program.”

3. The Venkateshwar School

The Venkateshwar School
  • Sector 57, Gurugram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Pre-Nursery- 12th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹8K (Pre-Nursery)
  • Official Website: Thevenkateshwarschool

TVS should be your pick if you’re seeking a school that will make learning as rewarding as possible for both you and your child. As one of Gurgaon’s top schools, TVS works to ensure that all of its children have the most fulfilling years of their lives during their childhood.

Their goal is to help their pupils learn the skill of perceiving the invisible, which will ultimately make them one of the top schools in Gurgaon.

4. Manav Rachna International School

Manav Rachna International School
  • Sector 51, Gurugram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Toddler- 10th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹13.0k (Toddler)
  • Official Website:

Manav Rachna International School places a strong emphasis on students’ physical, cognitive, emotional, artistic, social, and spiritual requirements as part of its mission to holistically develop each child.

They offer a specially designed curriculum that helps pupils get ready to become independent, self-driven, and self-assured individuals.

5. Mount Olympus School

  • Sector 47, Gurugram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Pre-Nursery- 12th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹9.1k (Toddler)
  • Official Website:

The infrastructure amenities at Gurugram’s Mount Olympus School, a CBSE-affiliated school that offers value-added education to its students, present a platform for chances for the kids’ holistic, integrated growth. They support the development of future world leaders.

6. Presidium School

  • Sector 57, Gurugram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Pre-Nursery- 12th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹19.2k (Pre-Nursery)
  • Official Website:

Presidium, a prestigious school in Gurgaon, has established the standard for high-quality education with its innovative and transformative curriculum. The premier school in Gurgaon, Presidium, has assisted numerous kids in becoming tomorrow’s leaders with its unique teaching approaches.

7. Ryan International School

Ryan International School
  • Bhondsi, Gurugram
  • Board: CBSE
  • Classes Offered: Montessori 1- 12th
  • Monthly Fees: ₹8.7k (Montessori 1)
  • Official Website:

One of the most well-known schools in Gurugram is Ryan International School, which has developed into one of India’s top K–12 educational organizations. Academic excellence is provided to its children by committed teachers who have received child-centered learning training.

Its student exchange program has created institutions of friendship around the world while also assisting students in developing their self-confidence.